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Progressive Industries Surge Protector #EMS-HW50C

Progressive Industries Surge Protector #EMS-HW50C


Smart Technology Compatible: Not Compatible With Smart Technology

Voltage Regulation: 240 Volt

Ampere Rating: 50 Amp

Automatically Reconnects: Yes

Number Of Outlet: 1 Socket

With Fault Indicator: Yes

With Plug Head Handle: No

Whenever AC Power Falls Below 104 Volt, Or Rises Above 132 Volt, The EMS Automatically Shuts Down Power To The RV

If The AC Power Is Interrupted, Or The EMS Detects A Fault Condition, The Built-In Time Delay Is Activated

5-Mode Surge Protection: This Feature Provides Full Surge Protection

Features Surge Indicator, Reverse Polarity Protection, Open Neutral Protection, Open Ground Protection, AC Frequency Protection, Accidental 240 Volt Protection And Remote Display

Bypass Switch Is Located On The Remote Panel, And Allows The User To Bypass The Computer Circuit In The EMS In The Event Of Computer Failure, Thus Allowing AC Power Into The RV

Replacement Parts Are Designed For Simple Plug And Play, Making Repairs Extremely User Friendly

Microprocessor Controlled: The Computer Is Driven By A State-Of-The-Art Microprocessor That Is Programmed With Software To Drive The Entire EMS

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